Lisa McKenzie, BA, CYT, E-RYT 500, I-AYT Candidate, is a certified Yoga Therapist through Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy and an International Association of Yoga Therapists candidate.    

After decades of practicing and teaching yoga, it was a natural progression for Lisa to continue onto the path of Yoga Therapy.  Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy’s 875-hour professional program took Lisa 3 years to complete and was an incredible journey of hard work, study, application, practice, and personal healing.  The level of devotion and effort required to complete this course has given Lisa the skills and confidence to become a guiding force in helping others to heal. Lisa’s orientation is one of service; to lessen the suffering of others, and co-create a new paradigm in wellness.

Lisa offers yoga therapy in the following areas:  musculoskeletal concerns; chronic disease including autoimmune disorders and cancer treatment support; and mental and emotional suffering including anxiety, stress, trauma, and grief. Her tools of assessment are the Koshic and Doshic models of yoga, this approach sees the human being as an integrated body-mind-spirit system that is at its best when all parts are in a state of dynamic balance. 

When you work with Lisa you will experience a compassionate listener, experienced practitioner, patient teacher, intuitive observer and educated therapist who will draw upon these skills to assess and apply ways to help you raise the quality of your life in such diverse areas as physical fitness, stress relief, wellness, vitality, mental clarity, healing, peace of mind and spiritual growth.

Lisa is a long-time resident of Marquette, Michigan where she currently lives in the country with her husband Tom and her dog Remy.  Her lifestyle is a reflection of her passion and devotion to the path of yoga. Not only is she a beloved teacher in the Marquette community, Lisa has experienced first-hand the power of yoga to heal; she attributes the strength of her personal practice, combined with the depth of her yoga therapy knowledge and application, as the reason for her success in healing her own challenges with anxiety and autoimmune disease.