Yoga Therapy has been proven to help individuals in all stages of cancer treatment:  recently diagnosed and in treatment, coming to the end of treatment, and out of treatment. 

Depending on what stage of your treatment you are in, Lisa may work with you in the following ways:  moving and strengthening the body; using the breath to help with energy levels, emotional issues, anxiety and depression; chanting to help the mind deal with negative and fearful thoughts; meditation to cultivate neutrality and observation without emotion; and Yoga Nidra for surrender.

Benefits of practicing Yoga Therapy for cancer include:
—Favorable post-operative outcomes, including earlier suture removal and shortened hospitalization
—Improved mood
—Favorable immune response and decreased DNA damage by the end of radiotherapy

Randomized trial, research and meta-analysis of Yoga Therapy during cancer treatment have shown:
—Better emotional, mental, social, physical and general quality of life and self-reported health benefits
—Improvements in self-esteem and cognitive function
—Improved sleep and decreased fatigue
—Decreased stress, improved appetite, decreased pain, nausea, vomiting and toxicity